Presentation at Swiss Nuclear Society

14th January 2014

MCM was invited to give a presentation at SGK (Swiss Nuclear Society) on our work in Japan, especially that related to the accident at Fukushima Dai-ichi. Download the presentation here.

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Remediation and disposal of Fukushima Radioactive waste

12th March 2012

Invited presentation on “Remediation and disposal of Fukushima Radioactive waste” at a symposium on Fukushima after one year, held at Okayama University.

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1st December 2010

Neil Chapman and Charles McCombie were invited by the IAEA to present to GGC and MENA countries on the waste management challenges facing new nuclear countries.

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US Blue Ribbon Committee

1st September 2010

Charles McCombie was called upon to give presentations to the US Blue Ribbon Committee on ethical aspects of waste management and on the global status of waste disposal.

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