IAEA Publication – Design Principles and Approaches for Radioactive Waste Repositories

7th December 2020

Dr Ally Clark (MCM) provided consultancy support to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), providing expert opinion and development of an IAEA document entitled ‘Design Principles and Approaches for Radioactive Waste Repositories’.  This publication is intended to assist Member States in planning for the disposal of radioactive waste.  It describes the approaches and principles …

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RWM Concepts Integration Project – Reports Published

28th January 2019

RWM has published a series of reports on different engineering solutions (termed disposal concepts) for the geological disposal of UK radioactive waste.  From 2014 to 2017, the RWM Concepts Integrated Project Team, led by Amec Foster Wheeler (Wood) and supported by MCM, completed a series of tasks to advance knowledge for a variety of …

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Public acceptance as a driver for repository design

8th October 2018

In readiness for the official launch of the UK GDF siting process, we look to other countries who are also implementing geological disposal using a volunteer approach.  This recent paper ‘Public Acceptance as a Driver for Repository Design’, authored by MCM Founding Partner Ian McKinley and co-workers, once again demonstrates how important design decisions …

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Just Published: Tsunamis – Geology, Hazards and Risks

15th January 2018

Ellie Scourse edited a book, recently published by the Geological Society, entitled ‘Tsunamis – Geology, Hazards and Risks’. The book can be purchased from the Geological Society by following this link.   Purchase here.

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We have been chosen to support the management of the UK’s nuclear knowledge

19th June 2017

MCM and their partners Arup are delighted to have been selected to be the sole providers of knowledge management services through the Shared Services Alliance to the NDA estate and associated participating organisations. There are significant business and organisational benefits to be obtained from the effective management of knowledge. The NDA states that the …

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Ellie Scourse has Co-Authored the following Chapter in a newly published book: ‘Expert judgement elicitation: Application to science issues in siting facilities for geological disposal of nuclear waste’

16th June 2017

Ellie Scourse has recently co-authored a chapter in a book called ‘Geological Repository Systems for Safe Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuels and Radioactive Waste (Second Edition)’. The chapter is entitled ‘Expert judgement elicitation: Application to science issues in siting facilities for geological disposal of nuclear waste’ and was authored by Ellie, Willy Aspinall, Neil …

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11th July 2016

Ellie Scourse publication lead article on Earth and Space Science News website Ellie Scourse co-authored a paper highlighting work done for the NUMO funded Topaz project.  This has been published recently on the AGU Publications Website. Its was also the lead article on the Earth and Space Science News website. To read the full article titled …

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27th May 2016

One of the most important developments in radioactive waste management to have occurred recently is the initiative by the Government of South Australia to consider the pros and cons of establishing nuclear fuel cycle facilities in the State. South Australia is among the world’s major suppliers of uranium and the government wished to consider …

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New Nuclear Engineering International Article

24th November 2015

Fukushima clean-up:  Status and Lessons Learned Remediation work at Fukushima enables the return of evacuees and provides a valuable resource for disaster planning and contaminated site remediation. By K. Miyahara, I.G. McKinley, K. Saito, K. Iijima & S.M.L. Hardie. To read the full article please click on Read More and follow the link.   …

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Tsunamis: Geology, Hazards and Risks

28th September 2015

Ellie Scourse and Neil Chapman were co-convenors of an international symposium on ‘Tsunamis: Geology, Hazards and Risks’, held at the Geological Society of London on 25th September as its prestigious annual Arthur Holmes Meeting for 2015. The meeting was organised in collaboration with the Geological Society of Japan. More than eighty participants attended from …

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9th May 2015

Tara Beattie was the main author of the PLANDIS R&D Guide prepared by the IGD-TP for new nuclear programmes and presented by Charles McCombie in Pitesti, Romania.

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The Disposal of Radioactive Wastes Underground

22nd October 2013

The publication entitled The disposal of radioactive wastes underground by Neil Chapman and Alan Hooper was selected on the basis of being one of the top five articles published in Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association which received the highest number of downloads from the ScienceDirect platform. To view the publication click on Read more. …

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Integrated radioactive waste management policy and roadmap for the Emirates

10th May 2012

MCM submitted to the Foreign Affairs Office of the United Arab Emirates a draft document outlining an integrated radioactive waste management policy and roadmap for the Emirates. The project was prepared over the past year and it relates to all waste management, treatment, storage and disposal facilities that will be needed in the UAE …

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