An interview with… Professor Neil Chapman

8th February 2019

MCM is looking to give an insight into the radioactive waste management community; understanding how they’ve come to be where they are and investigating their passions once the technical reports are put down and the PC switched off for the day. To start the series off, we asked Professor Neil Chapman, one of our …

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MCM achieves Cyber Essentials Certification

4th February 2019

For the third year running MCM has been able to demonstrate our commitment to cyber security by achieving the standard required for Cyber Essentials Certification.  This standard confirms that we have the necessary security controls in place to reduce the threat of cyber attack by an estimate 80%. Our certification was assessed and approved by …

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RWM Concepts Integration Project – Reports Published

28th January 2019

RWM has published a series of reports on different engineering solutions (termed disposal concepts) for the geological disposal of UK radioactive waste.  From 2014 to 2017, the RWM Concepts Integrated Project Team, led by Amec Foster Wheeler (Wood) and supported by MCM, completed a series of tasks to advance knowledge for a variety of …

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Public acceptance as a driver for repository design

8th October 2018

In readiness for the official launch of the UK GDF siting process, we look to other countries who are also implementing geological disposal using a volunteer approach.  This recent paper ‘Public Acceptance as a Driver for Repository Design’, authored by MCM Founding Partner Ian McKinley and co-workers, once again demonstrates how important design decisions …

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We have moved!

1st October 2018

With effect from Monday 1st October 2018, we have moved offices.  Our new address is now: 1 Little King Street Bristol BS1 4HW All other contact details remain the same.

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Co-authorship of the OPERA Safety Case

31st July 2018

In 2017, the Dutch radioactive waste management agency (COVRA) completed its major, five-year research programme on the feasibility of disposal of the national inventory of higher-activity wastes into the Boom Clay (the OPERA Programme).  Neil Chapman and Charles McCombie were members of the Safety Case Steering Group during the project and are co-authors of …

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Jake Kinghorn-Mills Joins MCM

9th April 2018

MCM is pleased to announce that Jake Kinghorn-Mills joined the team on 2 April 2018 as part of his two-year, EU-sponsored, nuclear energy MSc. After graduating from Cardiff University with a 1st class Physics degree.  Jake spend four years working on systems, testing and integration engineering in the defence sector. With a desire to focus on the …

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MCM Renews Cyber Essentials Certification

19th January 2018

MCM are keen to demonstrate our commitment to cyber security in order to keep our IT systems and data as secure as possible.  We have again applied for and obtained Cyber Essentials Certification to show that security controls have been implemented according to UK government guidelines.  Thus reducing the threat of cyber attacks by an …

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Just Published: Tsunamis – Geology, Hazards and Risks

15th January 2018

Ellie Scourse edited a book, recently published by the Geological Society, entitled ‘Tsunamis – Geology, Hazards and Risks’. The book can be purchased from the Geological Society by following this link.   Purchase here.

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Donation to Shelter

12th January 2018

This winter MCM has donated £1,000 to Shelter.  Homelessness is an emergency all year round, but even more dangerous in winter and cold weather.  Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness by giving advice, support and legal services. They campaign to make sure that, one day, no one …

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12th November 2017

Tara recently returned from Taiwan and completed work as part of the team for the International Peer Review of the “Technical Feasibility Assessment Report on Spent Nuclear Fuel Disposal” 2017 study, in the role of an expert reviewer and scientific writer. Working with our long-time friend and MCM-associate Prof. Alan Hooper and expert colleagues …

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We have been chosen to support the management of the UK’s nuclear knowledge

19th June 2017

MCM and their partners Arup are delighted to have been selected to be the sole providers of knowledge management services through the Shared Services Alliance to the NDA estate and associated participating organisations. There are significant business and organisational benefits to be obtained from the effective management of knowledge. The NDA states that the …

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Ellie Scourse has Co-Authored the following Chapter in a newly published book: ‘Expert judgement elicitation: Application to science issues in siting facilities for geological disposal of nuclear waste’

16th June 2017

Ellie Scourse has recently co-authored a chapter in a book called ‘Geological Repository Systems for Safe Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuels and Radioactive Waste (Second Edition)’. The chapter is entitled ‘Expert judgement elicitation: Application to science issues in siting facilities for geological disposal of nuclear waste’ and was authored by Ellie, Willy Aspinall, Neil …

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JOPRAD Workshop – 4 April 2017

10th April 2017

MCM have been involved in the EC JOPRAD (‘Towards Joint Programming on Radioactive Waste Disposal’) Project since 2015. Ellie Scourse from MCM presented at a recent workshop in London, on the development of the Programme Document and Strategic Research Agenda for the JOPRAD project.  The workshop was well attended, with 100 participants from 22 …

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It’s not all about work…Ellie Scourse qualifies as a yoga teacher!

20th December 2016

Ellie Scourse has recently qualified as a yoga teacher, so if anyone is feeling inflexible, stiff or in pain from sitting at their desks reading radioactive waste management reports, then maybe yoga would help! It’s now recognised that sitting for long periods of time is bad for your physical and mental health. Moving is …

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