MCM radioactive waste disposal experts

Technical Feasibility Assessment

We provide technical assessment of the engineering implementation approaches specifically developed for disposal solutions at different levels of maturity. We regularly support clients to evaluate feasibility or practicability issues related to novel engineered components and operational methods. This includes operational scheduling, post-emplacement monitoring strategies, nuclear safeguards and security, cost modelling and bench marking, technology baseline and readiness assessment, and supporting plans for testing and demonstration exercises / prototype experiments at full-scale.

Our technical feasibility assessment services include:

  • preliminary assessment of national radioactive waste management options to inform policy decisions
  • commercial business cases for technology options or waste management strategies
  • assessment of technology readiness and application of TRL/SRL scales
  • facilitating expert judgement to support prioritisation of development needs for specific waste management options
  • developing process flow schematics and diagrams to aid visualisation of waste management implementation steps
  • technology transfer assessment
  • verification of laboratory-scale data and theory to pilot-scale demonstration
  • issues management
  • conceptual design
  • requirements management and specification of preliminary system, user and component requirements

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