Programme Management

With our technical integration, secretariat, and specialist scientific coordination capabilities, we work collaboratively with scientists, engineers and technologists across multiple disciplines to deliver successful projects and programmes. We help clients to deliver credible and enduring outputs across the radioactive waste management sector, from policy decision makers, executive teams, regulators, to programme managers. We achieve exceptionally high quality standards robust to peer review and couple technical excellence with inclusive engagement approaches, ensuring stakeholder requirements at every level are met.

Our programme management services include:

  • Overarching planning for entire national waste management policies and strategies;
  • Direct input to national waste management programmes through acting as chairperson or member in advisory committees to waste management organisations or regulatory bodies;
  • Coordinating groupings of national waste management organisations assessing the benefits and challenges of engaging in European, regional, and multi-national cooperation;
  • Developing and drafting research, development and demonstration planning documents, including strategic research agenda, roadmaps and (multi-year to decade-long) implementation plans;
  • Personal development and organisational competency management tools, including competence matrices for specialist areas across the radioactive waste management sector and for all stages of programme advancement;
  • Technical integration across large project teams / integrated project teams;
  • Knowledge management;
  • Bespoke organisational management procedures related to radioactive waste management; and
  • Organisation and facilitation of engagement activities with non-technical audiences on specialist radioactive waste management issues.

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