16th May 2016

MCM is part of a successful Arup-led consortium which has been awarded a 4 year nuclear decommissioning R&D framework contract to support the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. Read full article here

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New 2-year contract with Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

22nd October 2013

MCM together with our partners, Integrated Decision Management Solutions and Project Time & Cost International, have been awarded a two year framework contract to supply the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority with Specialist Review and Oversight of Technical and Strategic R&D work.

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CAST Project

22nd September 2013

MCM are a participant in the CAST Project, which has recently been part funded by the European Commission. CAST (CArbon-14 Source Terms) investigates the generation of carbon-14 from different waste forms including steels, zircaloy, ion-exchange resins and irradiated graphite. MCM are involved with the technical coordination of this project with NDA RWMD.

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Plugs and Seals (DoPAS) Project

22nd March 2013

Support to NDA in European Commission IGD TP Demonstration of Plugs and Seals (DoPAS) project.

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Swedish Regulatory Authority awards contract

22nd February 2012

The Swedish regulatory authority, SSM, awards MCM a contract to provide the lead geoscientific adviser for its review of the geological aspects of the SKB license application for the national spent fuel repository.

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MCM is contracted by Obayashi

1st January 2012

MCM is contracted by Obayashi to support JAEA in the synthesis of Fukushima remediation demonstration and model projects, provide QA support and draft an English language summary of the work carried out.

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MCM is contracted by Quintessa

MCM is contracted by Quintessa to critically review scenario development / analysis and databases for radionuclide sorption and diffusion in the SKB SR-Site safety case.

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JAEA for planning Fukushima remediation demonstration projects

5th October 2011

MCM is contracted by Quintessa Japan to provide support to JAEA for planning Fukushima remediation demonstration projects.

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International Support Team (IST)

1st July 2011

MCM contracted to manage an International Support Team (IST), which provides support on special topics for NUMO’s geological disposal programme.

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Backend strategy for the UAE nuclear power programme

1st June 2011

MCM has been contracted by UAE to help prepare backend strategy for the UAE nuclear power programme which is one of the most actively growing programmes worldwide.

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NDA selection of contractors

1st February 2011

MCM has been successful in the NDA selection of contractors for Framework contracts. In the tender process started by NDA in the UK for companies to be selected for framework contracts, MCM has been successful with its partners in being included in the organisations for several of the Lots.

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