International Peer Review and National Advisory Committees

International peer review for direct disposal of spent fuel in Taiwan (2017)

Dr Tara Beattie (MCM) was contracted by the Chung-Hua Instituation for Economic Research (CIER) to work as part of the team for the international peer review of the 2017 “Technical Feasibility Assessment Report on Spent Nuclear Fuel Disposal” study. Alongside MCM associate Prof. Alan Hooper and expert colleagues from France, Germany, Finland and Japan, Tara used her technical experience to review the work carried out so far on the Taiwanese Final Disposal Plan focusing, at this stage, on potential host rock characterisation and evaluation.

The CIER was able to learn from valuable international experience and take on good practices for their deep geological disposal programme, led by the Taiwan Power Company (TPC).

Recurring fora review (2017)

MCM was contracted to NDA as part of a small team tasked with comprehensive review of recurring fora which directly support waste strategy. The review was aimed at analysing the  discussions which  impact  and  influence  strategic  and  tactical  issues  at  a  site  or  estate-wide  level to ensure they are adding  value  and  supporting  their  respective  strategies.

The findings were used to support the NDA in driving efficiency within the estate and measuring the development of maturity against strategic aims.

Expert Reviewer in the area of engineered barrier system (EBS) to support STUK’s evaluation of Posiva Oy’s Construction License Application for the planned spent nuclear fuel repository at Olkiluoto (2015)

Dr Tara Beattie (MCM) has worked as part of the international EBS peer review group to provide expert support to the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority’s (STUK). This review and evaluation has assessed the suite of documentation provided by Posiva in support of its TURVA Post-Closure Safety Case, which is a major component of its construction license application, submitted in 2012. Tara as expert reviewer in the Core Group has assessed the documentation relevant to spent fuel and near-field chemistry.

Interim Geosphere and Biosphere Research Manager

Ellie Scourse (MCM) acted as the Interim Geosphere and Biosphere Research Manager at RWM Ltd for almost two years. This involved managing the research projects within the geosphere and biosphere areas, liaising with key clients, and reviewing and publishing reports. This role was extended so that Ellie provided support to the wider research team, particularly in the area of near-field research. Ellie supported the production of documentation for the Disposal System Safety Case Status Reports. Whilst in this role, Ellie provided support to RWM in securing EC funding and initiating the CAST (Carbon-14 Source Term) Project.

Participation in National Advisory Committees (Other)

MCM Staff members have been invited Members of numerous national bodies with responsibilities for radioactive waste management. Some examples are:

  • NDA-RWM Technical Advisory Panel, UK (Chair and Secretariat)
  • DEFRA advisory panel on geological exclusion criteria for future UK (Member)
  • Board on Radioactive Waste Management of the US National Research Council (Vice-Chair and Member)
  • NUMO International Technical Advisory Committee, Japan (Chair and 2 Members)
  • NUMO International Board of Counsellors, Japan (Chair)
  • NUMO International advisory group on tectonic and geological stability for repository siting, Japan (Chair)
  • SSM International Advisory Group on Site Investigations for the Spent Fuel Repository, INSITE, Sweden (Chair)
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