RWM Concepts Integration Project – Reports Published

28th January 2019

RWM has published a series of reports on different engineering solutions (termed disposal concepts) for the geological disposal of UK radioactive waste.  From 2014 to 2017, the RWM Concepts Integrated Project Team, led by Amec Foster Wheeler (Wood) and supported by MCM, completed a series of tasks to advance knowledge for a variety of disposal concepts.  Silos for low-heat generating wastes, Mined Boreholes Matrices, Vaults and Supercontainers for high-heat generating wastes, and Co-location and Multi-level concepts for all waste types. A focus of the work has been to consider different options for conceptual designs, and explore the applicability of these options for a range of waste types, including how post-closure performance assessment models can be used to support concept selection.  A high level summary of all the options is provided by the Concept Status Report and the process for the selection of disposal concepts provided by the updated Concept Selection Process, both co-authored by MCM.

Conceptual GDF including a mined borehole matrix disposal concept for high-heat generating wastes.