MCM  is a small internationally recognised consultancy offering strategic, technical and scientific support in all areas of radioactive waste management.

We're Recruiting!

Please get in touch if you’re interested in becoming a part of our enthusiastic and dynamic team.

Call Ally Clark on 07754 204817 or email

We are currently expanding, with larger projects developing in Europe and Japan. We are thus, looking to expand our capacity by recruitment of suitable qualified staff, widening our network of Associate Consultants and teaming with partner organisations with complementary skillsets.

We are seeking new team members in the fields of nuclear sciences, earth sciences, or environmental sciences to join our team in Bristol on a permanent basis.

Work offered would be primarily to contribute to projects on the geological disposal of high-level waste, spent fuel and other long-lived wastes for a range of international clients.

Other work areas may also include broader nuclear waste management activities (including contaminated land, remediation and decommissioning projects) and support to nuclear regulatory authorities or government agencies.

If you are interested in working with us please contact us directly by sending your CV to