Feasibility and Technology Readiness Assessment

Feasibility studies for the design of disposal vaults for multi-purpose containers (2014)

MCM, with their partner ATKINS, were contracted to RWM in order to carry out feasibility  studies  into the design  of  disposal  vaults  for  multi-purpose  containers  (MPCs). The  MPC  concept  involves packaging spent fuel for  long-term  dry  storage, after  a  period  of  cooling  in  a  fuel  pond, and  negates any need for additional direct  handling in the process of the waste’s eventual  transport  to,  and  disposal  in,  a  geological  disposal  facility.

MCM were able to support the feasibility of ventilating, constructing and operating vaults for MPCs containing PWR spent fuel through the application of system engineering expertise – determining user requirements and system requirements, before an analysis of concept options and a summary of feasible concept designs was able to take place.

A review  of  GDF  backfill  emplacement  technology  options considered  the  ability  to  emplace  localised  and  mass  backfill  around  the  MPC  system  being  developed  for  UK  PWR  SF,  considering  horizontal  or  vertical  emplacement  in  disposal  tunnels  and  vault-based  layouts  and  the  ability  to  backfill  different  materials  around  such  containers  in  a  range  of  geological environments.

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