Decommissioning and Remediation


Supporting recovery after the accident at Fukushima Dai-ichi: decontamination, decommissioning and waste management

Input to national decommissioning studies aimed at optimizing activities associated with waste management

Our Capabilities

The work carried out in response to the Fukushima accident builds on the extensive knowledge base of the MCM team (including associates), including:

4 decades covering all aspects of the environmental behaviour of radiocaesium and management of Cs-contaminated materials, based on a diverse range of laboratory investigations (land and coastal marine environments), field studies, model develo

Over 3 decades of work at all technical and strategic levels in national and international waste management programmes

Almost 3 decades supporting waste management projects in Japan, including all major safety assessments of disposal and supporting R&D

Over 2 decades developing techniques for communication of technical issues to a wide range of audiences, with recent emphasis on utilisation of modern electronic media and advanced knowledge management tools

In other national programmes, we have also accumulated an in-depth knowledge of reactor and nuclear facility decommissioning, with particular emphasis on waste management optimisation and holistic project costing

Wide experience in multidisciplinary project coordination / integration and associated QA.

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