Communication, Training and tools


Our Ethos – Help others address the scientific and societal challenges involved in safely managing and disposing of radioactive wastes.

Public concerns over safety have slowed or halted the progress of many waste management programmes.

Establishing and maintaining confidence through effective dialogue, representation and communication is critical.

MCM is renowned worldwide for its communication activities with both technical and non-technical groups.

Our aim is to enhance confidence in strategic and technical decisions that support the implementation of geological disposal.

As an independent international company, MCM provides impartial, unambiguous technical support to governments, non- governmental organisations, regulators and the nuclear industry worldwide.

Our Capabilities

Unparalleled expertise in identifying and understanding issues, plus in-depth knowledge of their origins and implications

  • Decades of experience communicating with all types of stakeholders
  • Media training, support to debates, technical implementation and decision-making
  • Lecture courses and workshops for universities, schools, technical organisations
  • Developing and participating in documentaries for film, TV, company use
  • Internet platforms to make information accessible and attractive
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